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Sprint Center, located in Downtown Kansas City, is one of the most high-tech, impressive arenas in the country.

Located right next to the Power & Light bar and restaurant district, Sprint Center has become one of the more highly used and productive arenas, hosting everything from big-name concerts and sporting events to monster truck rallies.

The multifunctional uses of Sprint Center makes it open to anyone and everyone for all types of events and shows.

The most popular use has been the annual Big 12 Men’s Basketball Tournament, and with the College Basketball Experience attached to the arena, the end of season tournament for the Big 12 conference is the envy of competing tournaments in other cities. Sprint Center has also become a home-away-from-home for programs such as Kansas and Kansas State.

When it comes to purchasing tickets for the various events at Sprint Center, knowing where to sit, which seats are better for particular events, and getting the best bang for you buck when buying tickets can truly enhance your experience beyond just seeing your favorite team or artist.

For concerts, many fans enjoying being on the floor because it makes you feel as though you are closer to the performance. Pricing is also a big reason why concert goers choose floor seats, as they are typically well below the price of seats in the lower levels of the arena.

One thing to consider, however, is the way in which Sprint Center is laid out for concerts. While floor seating may have its advantages, if you are more than ten rows back from the stage, you may find your experience with the show is relatively removed compared to those in the first 10 rows, but also those sitting in sections 116-117, and 106-107.

With the floor not being elevated, the further back you are, your experience and proximity to the show can be greatly diminished. With the purchase of actual seats, sitting in the lower level within the first 10-20 rows brings you closer to the stage, which is set up right next to the elevated seating. In terms of experience and seeing Sprint Center’s amazing performances, it’s better to be in lower level seating than packed behind hundreds of fellow floor ticket-holders.

Price is certainly important, but the chance to see your favorite artist up close and personal with the best view can take your experience to another level.

Sprint Center was built like most NBA and NHL arenas, which means the lower level tends to span outward while the upper level becomes increasingly steeper as you go up. For example, sitting in row 30 of sections 101 or 102 may make you feel like you are in upper level seating because of the distance from the floor, but a first row seat in upper level seating, because of its design, will give you a significantly better view for a sporting event or performance and provide you with a view well above the cost of the ticket.

Knowing where to sit for specific events can completely change your experience, as well as make you a pro when it comes to purchasing the best seats in the house for incredible events.

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